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Production Manger

Meet Shayna Brown, 22, CxR's Head of Production. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Shayna's passion for creative and theatre arts and knowledge within production management took her to Howard University where she completed her BFA in Theatre Arts Administration. Shayna communication skills, infection energy and professionalism allow others to easily gravitate towards her. Working towards her dreams allows Shayna to develop a true understanding of growth from the ground up. Shayna says, "CxR has made a impeccable impact on my growth [in production]. The company has taught me to align my passions with my vision, which can both be used to support and create opportunities for all. We hope to expand to greater avenues beyond Michigan, but what an honor it is to work alongside so many Detroiters, because let's be honest who is more innovative than the talent that comes from the Motor City?" The initiative Shayna takes in her role within CxR powers them forward. A true treasure of the team.

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