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Operations Manager

Meet Shannel Chambers, 22,  CXR's Operations Manager. Born and raised in Metro Detroit area, Shannel's attention to detail has allowed her to become an unstoppable force within keeping CxR operations constantly growing. Shannel has developed an environment for great client relations for the best possible outcomes for both parties. As she pursues a BA in marketing from Wayne State University, Shannel actively puts her skills to use by taking ownership in both Operations and Modeling development within CxR. With CxR’s expansion Shannel works to establish a feel of what it meets to be apart of a CxR production. In combination with fast communication, and strong exceptional skill set in building client relations you can count on Shannel to alway strategically plan and implement carefully curated steps to create the clients ultimate vision and offer security and trust within our mergers. Thanks to Shannel CxR's background will always allow our clients to feel like family.

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