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Cheif Executive Officer

An entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan, Rose Hobson graduated from Cass Technical High school and attended college at the New York Institute of Technology. While living in New York, Rose found herself in the production fields for designers including Heron Preston and Kanye West of Yeezy. Inspired by the creative scene in New York, Rose found herself initiating her own creative scene in Detroit through the production of:

    • “The Young Entrepreneurs Fashion Showcase” 2018

    • ”Raw Fashion Show” 2019

    • ”Walk Fashion Show” 2019

    • “CxR Fashion Festival” 2019

    • “The City Festival” 2021.

While also taking on roles like:

    • Production manager for the WALK fashion show

    • Production Assistant for Étrange studios for Paris fashion week

    • Model coordinator for ShannelDay experience for Phases fashion show

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